What are we doing today?

In the sector of Noor ul Falah we are working to provide the best and quality education to the poor and needy in a skillful environment to enhance their capabilities which they are unable to portray in society. Focusing especially on educating the girls we are giving them skill classes where they learn stitching and other skills like cooking so that they are able to move on in this society as a respectful citizen who is ready to withstand the harsh norms of society.

Besides providing education and teaching those skills we want our students to become mentally strong and confident enough to survive as a strong citizen in this society, one who knows his value and worth. For this purpose, we arrange various trips to the malls and different picnic spots where they explore a world that opens up their minds.

Noor ul Falah foundation is also working in the health sector. We set up medical camps with the cooperation of doctors who do a thorough check-up of children and spread awareness on how to live a healthy life. This pretty much helps to keep our students happy and healthy.

Our future projects

Noor ul Falah foundation is willing to elevate its skill teaching classes to a level that our students master everything they learn according to the modern developing society. We want to incorporate designing and embroidery teaching in our stitching classes as it is a need of the fashion industry. In this way, the girls will be able to stand strong on their feet from their homes as well as empower them to do things to their fullest extent.

This is a technological age. Nothing works without computers. So, in this computerized world, we want our students to master this machine on such a level that it does not remain strange to them. We plan to start short computer courses like Microsoft office learning.

There are many other projects under discussion which our foundation wants to start but due to the shortage of resources, we are unable to do so.