When did we start working?

To carry on the mission stated above, Noor ul Falah was established in 2013. Since then Alhamdulillah we have successfully skilled and educated the girls in a way that today they are serving as teachers in schools and as home tutors. The water plats installed in particular areas are a great success as they are providing people with something which they were not able to reach.

What are we working on?

We have extended our struggle from education to teaching them skills like stitching, cooking, computer learning courses, and special English learning classes. Considering the fact that health is important for a happy life, Noor ul Falah has successfully set up different medical camps in the areas where we felt that they were needed the most.

We will work to produce students

  • who excel in science, humanities, and arts;
  • who are self-confident, intellectually curious, and who can reason critically and who will love learning all their lives;
  • who can read, write, speak and express themselves fluently in English, Urdu, and Arabic;
  • who have the knowledge they will need to live their lives in accordance with modern era whatever they end up doing;
  • and who are physically fit and mentally alert through a comprehensive extra-curricular program.

Therefore, we provide a caring and disciplined environment ensuring that your child grows into an exemplary individual. Our curriculum is broad and challenging, tailored to the educational needs of the 21st century. Our goal is to enable each child to achieve and enjoy success, in academics, co-curricular activities and in the development of values and morals by heritage. Come and join us on our learning journey!